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We are currently recording the complete score of Z in which Ruben sings 5 new songs.  
This up and coming young superstar is currently recording his second solo album for BMG
Records International and traveling back and forth between London, New York and LA
as he works with many of the top recording producers in the music industry today.

Ruben is a native New Yorker and began his performing career at the tender age of 10
doing Elvis impression at New York's Village Gate. At age 13, he joined Menudo with
Ricky Martin and recorded  7 albums in various languages such as Portuguese, English, and
Spanish, performing all over Latin America and the Philippines.

On a personal note, Ruben's favorite things include:

Songs:                      The Rose  and  Dust In The Wind
Movie:                     Legend of the Fall  and  The Doors
Actors:                     Val Kilmer, Jack Nicholson
Food:                       Asian, All Latin Food
Place to Relax:       Cancun, Mexico
Place to Visit:         Europe
TV Show:                 Seinfeld  

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